Assalamualaikum Warahamathulahi Wabarakatuhu

suhur is a blessing

Dear brothers and sisters our most awaited, the blessed month of Ramadan has arrived. The month of Fasting has been bestowed upon us by Our Almighty ALLAH [Subhana’Wa’Thala] to wash off our all our sins, Subhana’ALLAH.

The Suhur is the food that is taken before dawn while observing fasting. Having Suhur is a blessing from ALLAH [Subhana’Wa’Thala] as it’s mentioned by our beloved Prophet Muhammad [Sallallahu’Alayhi’ Wassalam].

Narrated by Anas [ Radiallahu’Anhu] that Zaid bin Thabit said,

“We took the “suhur” (the meal taken before dawn while fasting is observed) with the Messenger of ALLAH and then stood up for the (morning) prayer Fajr.”

I asked him how long the interval between the two (suhur and Fajr prayer) was. He replied, ‘The interval between the two (suhur and Fajr prayer) was just sufficient to recite fifty to Sixth ‘Ayat.” i.e., the verses of the Noble Qura’an. [Hadith Sahih Bukhari Book# 10, Hadith #549]

The above hadith clearly states that, the believers have to wake up early before the Fajr Salah, to have Suhur. Which makes the Suhur a blessing. The person who wishes to fast must compulsorily have Suhur even if it’s a few dates or a glass of water, as Suhur is a blessing and a Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad [Sallallahu’Alayhi’ Wassalam].

Hence, my dear brothers and sisters, make an intention to wake up early in the morning so that the suhur and fajr salah will have a wide gap. In’Sha’ALLAH may ALLAH the Almighty and Most-High, bestow upon us the blessing of it.

Ameen Ya Rabb!!!

JAZAKALLAHU KHAIRUN [Courtesy Abdullah Alfazeena (Aleena Razee)]



  1. hello…i just want to ask if for an instance i missed to wake up to take my suhur but then after farj. in the following day im still Fasting, for the reason i don’t want to absent even just for one day.

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