prayer in darkness

There is a superstitious belief that one must not pray in Darkness. And such prayer will not be accepted or will have less reward compared to the Salah prayed in Light.

When we analyze this through Qura’an and Hadith, there is no reference that has prohibited the believers to pray in darkness. So, it’s ones own wish to pray in darkness or to pray in light or to pray in limited light.

As far as one assures his praying place or room is free from poisonous insects or has some light that makes one see the praying mat, to assure that nothing creeps across and harms one while  you pray in darkness. Certain brothers and sisters feel much concentrated while praying Salah in darkness and due to this superstition, they have avoided praying in darkness. Being a Muslim it’s our duty to search for knowledge and break through all superstitious believes. Hence, Light is not an obligatory part of Salah (Prayer).

May ALLAH [Subhana’ Wa’ Thala] guide us all in the right path. Ameen ya RABB!!!

JAZAKALLAH KHAIRUN [ COURTESY Abdullah Alfazeena (Aleena Razee)]


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