Love Your Dad

Assalamualaikum Warahamathulahi Wabarakatuhu

Every where we hear, Love your mom, Respect your mom, Obey your mom, because she the one who bore us with all the pains and as reward of it ALLAH the Most-merciful gave her the top most rank. But, have you ever thought about your father. He’s next to your mother. As a believer you have to Love your dad, Respect your dad and Obey your dad. “Mother would carry us in her womb for 10 months. But, do you it’s our dad who would carry us in his hands, even after we have learned to walk.” That’s the immense love of a father over his child. Today, I have seen in many families, where children respect only their mother and they never give a thought over their father. Have ALLAH the Almighty ever said, you to only love your mother? No, ALLAH (Subhana’Wa’Thala) orders you to respect both of your parents.

Abu Darda (Radhiallahu’Anhu) narrates: I heard Prophet Muhammad(Salallahu’Alayhiwassalam) saying: A father is the best gate of the gates of Paradise; so it is up to you, either you lose that gate (by disobeying him), or protect it (by obeying him). [Reference Sham-il-Tirmidhi]

love your dad

You rejoice or rejoiced your childhood because of your dad. It was his 12hrs of sweat that brought happiness into your life in the form of toys, tours, education and list just goes down. Father is a blessing of ALLAH the Oft-loving. There are so many children out there, wishing to have a dad. But ALLAH the All-Knowing choose your among them and gifted you a dad, who would Color Your Life. Off course, dad would have beaten you, scolded you, insulted you, but just remember only because of these you have become what you are now. Shouldn’t you thank him for it? At least you must try to obey him. Wasn’t it you dad, who carried you to hospital every time you were sick? In spite of hearing harsh words from his boss. It’s because you are his world. And he cares for you. Don’t you remember, it was your dad who comes up tired every evening and still makes up time to play with you, instead of taking rest. Because he loves you the most. And just remember, how many times you gifted him your harsh words in turn for all his sacrifices and care? If your dad has just thought like you, to enjoy, imagine how you would have been. It was your dad who taught you to speak, write, walk, eat etc. And you use all his teachings to just hurt him. At least just begin to think now. And repent to the Almighty and he shall forgive you. Begin to Love your Dad. Obey him and try to bring a smile in his face, every moment he see you. That’s the gratitude you show towards your most loving dad. And if, anyone of you have lost your Dad, then just make sincere Dua for his welfare in hereafter. Always Love your Dad, without him, your nothing. Today, I see many fathers in streets and old-age homes, they are rewarded by their children, this street and isolated life for all spending all his health and wealth for them. This is how you Love your Dad, by filling his eyes with tears? Astaghfirullah 

Love Your Dad

Abdullah ibn Umar (Radhiallahu’Anhu) narrates that Prophet Muhammad (Salallahu’Alayhiwassalam) said: The ALLAH’s pleasure lies in a father’s pleasure and ALLAH’s displeasure lies in a father’s displeasure. [Reference Sham-il-Tirmidhi]

May ALLAH the-Protector save us from the hell-fire. AMEEN YA ALLAH.

JAZAKALLAH KHAIRUN [Courtesy Abdullah Alfazeena (Aleena Razee)]


7 thoughts on “LOVE YOUR DAD

  1. Wonderful it’s makes me happy after read your words please write more and more learn to children . Now this children are not respect father in this world

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