Assalamualaikum Warahamathulahi Wabarakatuhu

Being Muslims our one and only duty is to pray Salah at the right time i.e.., to worship ALLAH by responding to the Adhan (call of prayer). Today, we shall travel deep through Salah , where we would learn the meaning of each and every actions done during Salah (Namaz).

Making Intention (Niyyath) : This is the first action done before performing Salah. Here, we must have the intention of submitting our heart and mind to the one and only God ALLAH (Subahana Wa’Thala).

Raising Hand (Takbir): This action initiates the Salah. When we raise our hands up to the shoulder limit or ear limit, it means we are ignoring the entire world by tossing it back.


Standing Straight ( Called as Qiyam): Standing straight without any movement, facing Qibla and looking down, means as a believer we are submitting our self to ALLAH the Almighty.


Reciting Surah (Al-Fathiha and other surah): When we recite Surah Al-Fathiha we are praising our Creator and when we end it with Ameen, which means we agreeing to above recitation. And it forms as a connection between you and ALLAH the Most-High. And this is the position in which angels and trees worship ALLAH (Subahana Wa’Thala).

Bowing Down (Ru’ku): Bowing with a straight back, leaning with the hands on knee, concentering on a spot down. This is an action of worship done by angels and animals (that always stay in this position in four legs). Ru’ku means Glorifying ALLAH the Almighty and accepting one’s weakness and repenting. When we raise from Ru’ku position it means that we are raising with the hope that ALLAH the most-merciful has accepted the repentance.


Prostrating In Ground (Sajdah or Sujood): This is the greatest action of worship, in which all the angels lie for their existence. And only in this position a believer would be much close to ALLAH. And it’s means submitting to ALLAH (Subahana Wa’Thala), by falling on the ground.


Sitting after raising from Sajdah ( this position is called Qa’da): This a action in Salah, in which angles worship ALLAH for a long time. And the stones, pebbles, rock and mountain worship ALLAH the one and only Creator in this position. And when we recite the Kalima (Shahadah), which is a means of renewing the faith (Imaan).


Now we have gone Deep Through Salah, and ALLAH the Almighty has created these actions, so that humans would worship ALLAH, in the same way trees (standing always), animals (bowing always) and mountains (sitting) worship him. We also imitate their acts of worship in our Salah. Which shows how merciful our ALLAH is, as he had created us i.e.., humans, who are capable of doing all the actions, which is impossible for any other immobile creations of ALLAH. ALHAMDHULILLAH, every act prescribed by ALLAH the most-beneficent has a unique meaning. For which we need a deep understand and analysis.


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