Assalamualaikum Warahamathulahi Wabarakatuhu

Do you know my dear brothers and sisters, the real value of one drop of tear? Many of us would simply ignore the tear. Tear is much precious and valuable. It’s a gift ALLAH the oft-loving has blessed his servants with. We people are very busy to note or consider the tear shed by our loved ones. But, remember dear brothers and sisters, you would asked to answer for each tear.


If you were the reason, for the one drop of tear on your parents eye. Then dear brothers and sisters, you have done a great sin. How can you make your parents cry? They already had suffered a lot to raise you, the way you are now. Your mother, the most precious person, under whose feet the JANNAH lies, has suffered a lot from the day you were formed in her womb, till today. And for this suffering you gifted her with tears? And your father, the next precious person, who loved you and carried you in his hands even after you learnt to walk. He works day and night, just to build your future. And you gifted him with tears?

It is narrated by Abdullah ibn Mas’ud that the messenger of ALLAH Prophet Muhammad (Sallalahu Wa’Alaihiwassalm) said: “If, through fear of Allah, tears–even to the extent of a fly’s head–fall from any believer’s eyes and drop on some part of his cheek, he will be kept away from Hell by Allah.” (Reference Al-Tirimidhi 5359)

Remember dear brothers and sisters, One Drop Of Tear has lots of power. That One Drop Of Tear, shed in the fear of ALLAH the most-powerful, has the power to put of the hell-fire. And the same One Drop Of Tear you make your parents to shed, has the power to put off your JANNAH, and would result in landing you in the Hell-Fire. Before, it’s too late repent for every Drop Of Tear for which you were the reason. ALLAH the most-merciful would forgive you. IN’SHA’ALLAH. And try your best, to not wet anyone’s eye with One Drop Of Tear. It’s so light, and you may not value it. But, ALLAH the owner of the Day-Of Judgment values it and considers. One have to answer for it.



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