Pornography is forbidden in Islam. Do you know why? Because it’s the new drug. It’s against “Lowering Your Gaze”. Pornography is “ZINA”, the sin which is next to shirk. Astaghfirullah     Astaghfirullah     Astaghfirullah


My dear brothers and sisters, stop getting addicted to these Pornography. They would destroy your life totally. Even children of age 6 and 7 are addicted to this new drug: Pornography. Pornography is the new drug, introduced by Shaytaan to divert the young minds of believers towards him. Remember, my dear brothers and sisters, once you see the nude pictures of the opposite sex, your mind would record it perfectly. Even if you sop it, the previous memory would once again take your back to have this drug: Pornography. So, it’s best to stay away from it. Once you open any site, you could see lots of Porographic images and videos, that’s the Shaytaans way to attract you towards it.

Allah the Almighty has created the men and jinn’s, only for the purpose of worshiping him. That has to be our aim. Our aim is to prepare ourselves to meet the Almighty. Won’t you feel ashamed to stand before ALLAH, our creator on the day of Judgment. All your hidden secrets would be screened in front of all your friends and family and the whole world would be viewing your sins. What will your family and friends think of you? Astaghfirullah … If you have gone through this new drug: Pornography, please repent now itself and stay away from it.

Do you know? This new drug: Pornography could affect you Physically, Mentally and in Behavior vise too. Once your by chance, enter the Pornography, you would get addicted to it. Because, the chemicals that are produced in your brain while viewing the Pornographic Images and Videos is same as those chemicals that are produced while consuming Drugs. Once you get addicted to this new drug: Pornography, you would start getting involved in it more and more and more. Due to which your behavior would change. You would develop anger towards everyone for silly things. You would begin to develop low moral and would start to consider others in the same way. This new drug: Pornography is a new technique Shaytaan uses to contaminate your brain.


Dear brothers and sisters, Pornography is so evil that, it would begin to control you. And it would totally lead you towards the hell-fire. If you’re a true believer, this addiction to Pornography would prevent you from praying your salah at the right time. Due to which, you would be least among the believers. This new drug: Pornography has also changed the mind of the people in such a way that, they have began to change their SEX itself. Look dear brother and sisters, how shaytaan it making us do haram. He’s trying to make us a sinner, and if you follow his, your would surely end-up in hell forever.

Listen my dear brothers and sisters, this might be your last reminder, stop yourself from the new drug: Pornography addiction. It’s simple, you just have to make your self much busy in the remembrance and worshiping ALLAH. If you do this, you can easily come out of this. I request you to please, don’t even give a try to this new drug: Pornography. Stay away from it. And ask lots of forgiveness to ALLAH. He’s the Oft-Forgiving and the Most-Merciful, he would In’Sha’ALLAH forgive you. And make your children’s to stay away from it too.



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